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Sputnik is wiki written in Lua and designed for extensibility.  It can
also be used as a CMS or framework.  8.08.13 is a new version of
Sputnik, closing a five month development cycle.

The new features include:

* Based on Kepler 1.1/WSAPI/LuaRocks.
* An option to use a database or Git for storage
* Improved authentication options and registration flow
* Major refactoring and bottleneck removal, works better as a framework.
* XSS protection
* Optional captcha integration

(See for the full list.)

Sputnik website:

In addition to working as a wiki out of the box, Sputnik can be
extended into other collaborative web applications.  Current real-life
examples include:

A bug tracker: (see "Plugins"
on the Sputnik wiki for more information on how this works).
A forum system: (the code is not
currently available but something along those lines will be released

(See for more information
about Sputnik as a framework.)

 - yuri