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Scite is a text editor, claiming that the keyboard is the 'unergonomic' part just sounds dumb...

Gavin Wraith wrote:
In message <g8blnb$nn9$> you wrote:

On 04/08/2008 00:38, Gavin Wraith wrote:
One of them is
the facility to doubleclick on a URL in a text file to cause
a browser to open that URL. How would I go about adding that
facility to SciTE? All advice from those more familiar with
Windows XP and with SciTE will be gratefully received.
An apparently little known function in SciTE is that Open Selected
Filename function (which I usually call with Ctrl+Shift+O with
the caret on the path) in the File menu is able to open URLs.
In other words, what you ask for is mostly built in SciTE (but
no double-click facility here): click in the URL and hit
Ctrl+Shift+O and the URL will open in the associated browser
(associated at Windows level, ie. using the default browser/FTP
client/etc.). If the URL has some special chars (eg. parameters),
you can select it manually before using Open Selected.
I coded this facility quite a long time ago, and it is
documented (tersely) in the last line of the Open Selected
Filename section of SciTEDoc.

Thanks for this Philippe. However, I would like to be able to do as many
things as possible without touching the keyboard. It is very
unergonomic to have to be doing a dance from mouse to keyboard, and
pressing three keys simultaneously is probably beyond my digital
capabilities. On my ancient RISC OS system I often have useful sessions
where the keyboard is not used at all. After all, that is what GUIs are all
about. Alas it looks like Windows XP never really took that attitude
on board.