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I just released luajson 0.9 on LuaForge [1] with its source repository on [2]. In short it's a customizable JSON parser/encoder for Lua. Licensed under MIT-style license.

It uses LPEG for the parser portion which makes it highly customizable AND fast.

Basic featureset:
 * Supports decoding JSON w/ varying dialect strictness.
   * NaN/Infinite, null, undefined, being allowed or not
   * Hex digit support
* How to handle unknown escape sequences (pass-through character or abort) * Supports encoding non-recursive Lua tables, and attempts to reconcile whether a table is array or not * Handle null and undefined values in custom ways... use actual 'nil' or constants for round-tripping

Future items:
 * Handle custom 'function' calls to process values
* Handle custom encoding items (such as to round-trip a function call element)
 * Custom encoding mechanisms
 * Integration with proper/custom unicode handler
 * Luarocks spec

Items that could use help:
 * Best way to build output text
 * Best way to handle unicode
 * Best way to handle the null/undefined values
 * Best way to detect/mark arrays vs objects at encoding/decoding-point

1 :
2 :