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I'm registering some C functions in a table with the following code

	static const struct luaL_reg timer_class_methods [] = 
	  { "Start", timer_start },
	  { "Stop", timer_stop },
	  { "AddEventHandler", timer_addEventHandler },

	void script_timer_manager_t::init( lua_State* L )
	  luaL_register( L, lua_timer_class_name, timer_class_methods );
	  lua_pop(L, 1);

The user can then add a timer tick handler with code like

	Timer.AddEventHandler( function() .... end )

What I'd like to be able to do is to have the user add the event handler
with a more Property like interface. Something like

	Timer.EventHandler = function() ... end

I thought the correct way to go about this would be to create a new
table with __newindex method and then assign that as the metatable of my
Timer table.

	function mt__newindex(k, v)       
	  if k == 'EventHandler' then     
	local mt = {}                     
	mt.__newindex = mt__newindex      

That doesn't appear to work, although accessing the __newindex directly

	-- this works
	mt = getmetatable(Timer)
	mt.__newindex("EventHandler", TimerFunc)

	-- this doesn't
	Timer.EventHandler = TimerFunc