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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
Can't you use the relevant functions as macros? I guess some of these
changes can be done through luaconf.h, with code like this:

  #if defined(LUA_LIB)
  #define fputs(s,f)	myownfputs(s,f)
  #define fopen(f,o)	luaL_error(L, "file operations not available")

I could... if they weren't already defined (and broken) in my system. I guess I'd get into linker trouble. Besides, some parts of stdio are working (e.g. sprintf); it's those actually related to the filesystem that aren't: there is a proprietary, incompatible filesystem.

I acknowledge that my case is probably not very common, so usually your solution should work fine. Nethertheless, being able to compile Lua sources on any systems having stdio but not a filesystem could be useful. Many small embedded system libraries offer a reduced stdio that makes the #define trick... well, tricky :-)