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On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 7:36 PM, RJP Computing <> wrote:
We are proud to announce the next release of Lua for Windows (LfW).

That's some great work, it installs just fine, as simply as it should in an ideal world :) However, I'd like to easily find in the doc/FAQ an "how to easily compile a DLL for LfW?". Maybe it's already somewhere there and I missed it?

From my limited understanding of Windows platforms, I would have to build a library with VC2005; but I could only find VC2008 on MS's website, would it work anyway? Don't you have some sort of VC project letting easily build an additional lib, automatically adding the right include configs etc.?

LfW is especially valuable for those who have little knowledge of win32 systems, so giving a couple of basic development hints for them would be much appreciated!

-- Fabien.