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> The cross-compiler that I wrote uses C99 standard integer types like  
> "int32_t" and "int16_t". This makes it incompatible with ANSI C. I'm  
> now thinking that I should use #ifdefs to only build the cross- 
> compiler if C99 is available. Can anybody think of a better solution?

Lua 3.2 used this:

static void DumpWord(int i, FILE* D)
 int hi= 0x0000FF & (i>>8);
 int lo= 0x0000FF &  i;

static void DumpLong(long i, FILE* D)
 int hi= 0x00FFFF & (i>>16);
 int lo= 0x00FFFF & i;

Of course, you'd have to output the parts in the correct order.