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On Mon, 11 Aug 2008 05:37:26 -0500
Specter Phoenix <> wrote:

> That really doesn't matter. As one said, LUA Workshop refers to a 
> meeting, and his is referring to an IDE so in truth he needs no 
> permission to use the name LUA Workshop. I could make a series of
> video tutorials that show how to make video games using Lua and name
> it LUA Workshop without breaking copyright laws as it is neither an
> event nor a IDE software application.

Woah!  I was only asking, given the OP didn't seem to recall!  I was
just wondering if it was anybody at all relevant.

It's just a courtesy to ask people already using a name.

(Lua, btw, is not an acronym, and thus shouldn't be capitalised.  And
copyright law isn't at all relevant, or being contested.  The only
laws that are possibly related is trademark law, and no body's raised
that all - mainly because 'Lua Workshop' isn't, to the best of my
knowedge, a claimed or registered trademark.)