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 > I'm looking to integrate my C++ code (objects) with my Lua scripts, and
 > have been looking for some wrapping tools. I've narrowed my choices down to
 > tolua++ ( and toluaxx
 > ( ). I'm just wondering what the differences
 > were between them; what features they have over each other and how stable
 > they are.

About two years ago I used tolua++ to try to integrate Lua with some
QT3/QT4 GUI programs.  The tool works well but the design is
complexity piled on complexity---very not Lua-like.  But as long as
you don't peek under the covers to see what is happening there, the
tool works well and is reasonably pleasant to use.

I have no experience of toluaxx.

If I were doing something small I'd code it by hand.