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Jeff Pohlmeyer wrote:
> KHMan  wrote:
>> Gavin Wraith wrote:
>>> One of them is the facility to doubleclick on a URL in a text
>>> file to cause a browser to open that URL.
>> Sorry OT, but this works pretty well:
>>  command.1.*=<browserpath> $(CurrentSelection)
>> Substitute <browserpath> with the appropriate browser.
> I have not tested (since I'm not a Windows user)
> but possibly this could work:
>   command.1.*=start $(CurrentSelection)
> or from Lua:
>   os.execute("start "..url)

Fails for both cases, it appears that 'start' is a built-in
command. I'm not sure though, because I do recall using 'start' to
open a local HTML file from a CD's autorun... probably the command
interpreter kicking in. But playing with prefixing 'cmd /C' can't
seem to work and opens a command interpreter console window.

In any case, there are probably better solutions available to the
OP, e.g. that does not flash console windows, if he chooses an
extended version of SciTE, e.g. like Steve Donovan's version.
Since I often hack at language lexers on Scintilla/SciTE, I am
more familiar with canonical SciTE.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia