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On Jul 31, 2008, at 10:12 PM, Patrick J. O'Leary Jr. wrote:

Ben Kelly wrote:
How would I do something like this? From lua_pcall, I get a return
value of 2 but is this defined somewhere?  Should I just check for
that value or is there a preferred constant?

This requires the function be on the stack and that you know the
index, though.

If he's in a position to use pcall on it, it's already on stack and
thus using lua_isfunction() is entirely reasonable, no?

I took the "return value of 2" to mean lua_pcall returned 2 (which I believe is LUA_ERRRUN) so perhaps the function is not on the stack? Simply pushing some random things onto the stack (none of which are functions) and then
calling lua_pcall will give you a return value of 2. It could be the
function is on the stack but the number of arguments (nargs) supplied to
lua_pcall is incorrect. I think further details from Joey are needed.

I think what I am doing is pushing random things on the stack and hoping they exist. If they don't, I want to use my default routine. If it does exist, and has an error, I want to inform the user. If the function doesn't exist, I don't want the user to know or care.

Here's a snippet of my code:

lua_getglobal (LState, "get_number_of_sensors"); // function to be called
        if (lua_isfunction (LState, 0) == 1) {
            if (lua_pcall (LState, 0, 1, 0) == 0) {

This doesn't work. Is it because I don't have the right index? I am assuming the lua_getglobal either found the function or if it didn't, how would I know? How do I find the right index to send to lua_isfunction?

I feel like I am close, just missing some fundamental piece of info! :-)

Thanks again,