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What is eLua?
>From the project page: "A project to embed Lua on different hardware
platforms. Currently ARM variants are targeted, but it should be
possible to port it to any platform that is supported by the
gcc+newlib combo. Platform access libraries will also be provided."

The second official version of eLua (0.2) was released, with quite a
number of changes. Changelog:

* Added support for Cortex LM3S8962
* New platform modules (UART, SPI, Timer, platform data)
* First release of the eLua shell
* Lua source files can now be sent to target with XMODEM
* You can download binary file images from the "files" section, so you
don't need to compile eLua yourself

Also, the project page ( was seriously
updated. Now you can find more documentation, a project roadmap and a
few test programs for eLua.