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Hi Matt et all,

Ok I have downloaded this mp3 file and listened in a bit. When the audio is there is a bit low but without all the noise that my shotgun mic picked up.

I must say I only shot aprox 6 hours 20min of video (all the tapes I had with me) but I tried to get at least a little bit of every presentation and some of the discussion.

I have captured all the footage now and it is a little over 86GB raw.

It is not necessary to break the audio into segments for me. Much easier for me to just convert to aiff, import it, and edit it down in final cut.

What I am missing though are all the slides for the presentation. Some of these slides are only available online as web sites, so I am having trouble capturing them and using them in final cut. Also Brazilian contingent doesn't have any slides up. It would help a lot to get the slides.

I got permission to put edited segments on our university video portal which has an embed tag so people can embed video on other sites: