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Tony Finch wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Jul 2008, Mike Pall wrote:
> > This won't work since you're patching Lua bytecode.
> > LJ2 has a completely different bytecode. [...]
> > But LJ2 is of course fully compatible to Lua at
> > the source level. [...]
> Would it not be reasonable to translate standard Lua bytecode
> to LuaJIT2 bytecode?

Well, maybe. But you'd need to recreate some semantic information
that is lost in the translation from Lua source to standard Lua
bytecode. It's much simpler to translate from Lua source to the
new bytecode (and that's the only thing I'll support).

Umm, and this doesn't mean you'd be able to run bytecode patched
with gotos. Ok, the interpreter would grok it, but the region
analysis used by the trace recorder might get confused.