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Clue now has a real home on SourceForge:

No, I'm not planning to announce every single version here, but you
might be interested to know that after refactoring and applying some
pretty standard optimisations to avoid memory allocations and table
dereferences, the Whetstone score has gone up a bit --- instead of 7,
I'm now getting 159. Given that C compiled with gcc is getting 866, this
means it's now running at a fifth the speed of native code. Admittedly,
Whetstone is an artifical known-to-be-poor benchmark, but that's still
rather impressive, and certainly in the fast-enough-to-be-useful camp.

(That's with LuaJIT 1.1.4. Interpreted Lua gets a Whetstone score of 35,
 which is still not bad. I'm rather curious to know what it would be
like with LuaJIT 2 when that comes out.)

(Does anyone know any decent but simple C benchmarks it would be worth

(And I *really* wish that Lua had a GOTO statement.)

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