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I've been trying to the LuaSQL from within the freeswitch lua module,
but it continuously eats up memory, megabytes at a time.

I spoke with the FreeSwitch Developers, and they are suggesting that
the problem is in luasql.  I also spoke with Andre Carregal, and he
suggested I post here.

Basically all I'm doing is having FreeSwitch call a lua script, which
calls a select statment on a mysql database, and then returns control
back to Freeswitch.

I've tested with Lua 5.1.3, luasql 2.1.1, luasql Latest CVS, Mysql
5.0.22, and MySQL 5.0.45, freeswitch latest SVN (currently 8913).

Any help would be appreciated.

> On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 10:36 PM, Brian West <> wrote:
>> We have lua embedded into FreeSWITCH which is multi threaded which can have
>> multiple lua instances going on at the same time.  The issue happens with
>> mysql and odbc for sure it blows thru many megs of ram in no time.
>> There is our module for FreeSWITCH.