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  There is a Lua51.dll in LuaBinaries that it is just a forward to
Lua5.1.dll. It is already available in LfW. Have you tried using it?


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> steve donovan
> Sent: quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2008 11:05
> To: Lua list
> Subject: LuaInterface version that works with LuaBinaries?
> Hi All,
> Since I am experiencing unusual frustration, I thought I 
> could share it, and perhaps somebody else has been through 
> the pain as well. I'm trying to get a LuaInterface build 
> compatible with the latest LuaBinaries; the latest 
> LuaInterface is no use, since it is now completely managed 
> code (hm, I always thought Lua did a good job of managing 
> itself!). So 1.5.3 it is, and it works great, but it's been 
> built against the old Lua51.dll.  Since the idea is to add 
> this to Lua for Windows, that is unfortunately a no-no.
> I don't have the full MS tool stack, but I do have the command-line
> C++ compiler from the SDK, and of course, csc. I'm getting the dreaded
> 'cannot instantiate interpreter' message.  (I downloaded 
> Visual C++ Express in great hope, but this uses _yet another runtime_)
> steve d.