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Thank you Diego:

Mean while we have implement a timer thread in c that calls lua periodically and use coroutine in lua to simulate our 'fake' thread.

I will put research of LuaThread in roadmap, will gives you feedbacks when we have depth into it.

It seems Lua with LuaThread is another brunch of Lua, it think the reason is because Lua may be used in embedded devices which do have have luxuries to implement preemtive thread. Beside that, It is really useful to have preemtive thread in Lua and I read the Lua examples of LuaThread which is quite straight forward and easy to understand.


On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 4:45 AM, Diego Nehab <> wrote:

Can Lua 5.1.3 compiled with LuaThread?

I placed the current port for download on the webpage. I
don't get enough requests for LuaThread, so I am not
investing on it. The number of people that asked me for a
5.1 port was (not kidding) 4. None of them gave me any
significant feedback, mostly because they gave up on the
projects they were working on (hopefully not due to
frustration with LuaThread itself). So I don't know how
useful this thing is.

It seems to work for me. Now, this is not like your other
Lua libraries. It requires its own version of Lua. Let me
know if you have any problems compiling it.


Hean Kuan Ong