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On Jun 30, 2008, at 9:35 AM, Timm S. Mueller wrote:

Hello list,

after one year of development, we have just released tekUI, a GUI
toolkit written mostly in Lua. This is our first alpha release.

From the about section:

"tekUI is a small and freestanding graphical user interface (GUI)
toolkit written in Lua and C. It was initially developed for the X
Window System and can serve as a general-purpose GUI library for
desktop applications.

Looks pretty cool.

It'd be awesome if it were cross-platform (ex: support for windows....), you might want to look at FLTK for examples of this sort of cross-platformness since they do their own widget management on all platforms they use.

Another item that I think is important, especially for being friendly w/ memory:
 * On-demand item loading

For example...
You have a table loaded from a file and have (maybe not necessary, but probably important for making scrollbar manageable) read the number of rows necessary and have figured column widths to be fixed. You have some 1,000,000 elements and obviously don't want them all in memory at the same time
	current API doesn't look like it can handle this
	Table described in terms of callbacks
Ex: function getCell(table, row, column) return textOrWidget...... end Perhaps additional callbacks could be defined such as getRow to reduce the number of calls to the callback in certain

This could also work for groups in general .. possibly.. just a matter of working out when to load the item...