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Ryan, this is getting pretty close to being ready. There is always room for more and better documentation, but it is looking very nice as it stands.

A couple of notes...

* Changing all of the U+00A0 (NO-BREAK SPACE) characters to 0x20 in examples\quickluatour.lua allows lua.exe to parse it, and my text editor no longer thinks it is UTF-8-NO-BOM encoded so there probably weren't any other accidental uses of characters outside the safe 7-bit ASCII page. It looks pretty nice, and like a decently comprehensive overview of the language. Kudos are owed to AGR Wilson for creating this.

* The quick tour's example 24 has a typo: the second line of the example should be a comment but is actually a unary minus in front of a nonsense expression which causes an error when that example is executed.

* A minor nit is that the IUP example can't (or maybe just doesn't) force the dialog it opened to be the front most window, meaning it was hidden behind the console window due to the arcane precedence rules of Windows. An additional sentence that says a little more strongly that there is a window to look for might help.

* A number of files still have Unix line ends. It would probably be a good idea to make every file had DOS line ends. This is especially important for the examples, because we expect that people will look at them. It does appear that SciTE is unconcerned with the line endings (as should nearly all programs, even on Unix, IMHO) which helps mitigate that concern. Notepad isn't, however, and the result confuses Windows users.

* There are still a few files named README, LICENSE, and similar that lack file extensions. I know they are lifted intact from their respective library distributions in most cases, but they will still give a Windows user unfamiliar with Unix conventions fits. They should get DOS line ends and renamed to *.txt.

* Uninstall didn't remove \Program Files\Lua\5.1 and its children from PATH.

* Uninstall didn't remove .wlua from PATHEXT

* Uninstall didn't remove LUA_PATH and LUA_CPATH

* I had to exercise brute force to remove \Program Files\Lua\5.1\pn\pnse.dll after doing the uninstall. Since it didn't reappear after I reinstalled the current release, that was actually a leftover from the previous alpha where Programmer's Notepad was included instead of SciTE, so the issue may be moot looking forwards. For reference, it needed treatment with regsvr32 /u to get the context menu to stop appearing in Explorer, and I had to logout to get Explorer to unload it from its process context before it could be deleted.

Its almost there!

Ross Berteig                     
Cheshire Engineering Corp.