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Hi Adi, wrote:

How to establish session or connection within a telecom switchwhich
having different cards.

I should establish a session from SP card to different cards within a

Pls throw some light on this.

Thanks & Regards,
Please do not hijack topic threads; post your question in a new thread instead. It is a newbie mistake. And I have done it myself in my early days. Although I am not religious about it, it does annoy the heck out of the veterans and you are sure to be ignored.

When posting to a mailing list it is important provide the background information to your question. For example: What telecom switch are you referring to? Is it a PBX or Class 5 kind of switch. In either case you should be asking this question to the telecom switch vendor unless they directed you here, in which you will again have to provide the context and history.

-- Vijay