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Aside from a really small rough spot here and there to sand off,
it looks like a good start. I downloaded v5.1.3.6 from LuaForge
this afternoon, and noticed a couple of minor things as I run
through a few quick tests...

1. The icon file got left out of the installer package, but is
correctly assigned to both .lua and .wlua files in the registry.
Copying lua.ico from the etc folder of a recent Lua distribution
into the right location and name of the installation had the
expected effect, so the only change is to add the luafile.ico to

2. IUP doesn't load for me with require("iuplua"): it opens an
error dialog that says "The procedure entry point IupUpdate could
not be located in the dynamic link library iup.dll".  I do have
other versions of IUP in folders that almost certainly are in my
PATH, and this is likely complicating the problem. Testing with
DEPENDS.EXE confirms that it attempted to load the wrong copy of
IUP.DLL, and arranging my path to put the new ...\lua\5.1 tree at
the beginning solves the problem.

3. Some of the shortcuts created in the start menu don't get
reasonable icons, notably the URL shortcuts to the online PiL and

4. I didn't accept the optional "Black" scheme for PN. Perhaps I
should have. The Lua style that resulted happened to have
identifiers colored white, resulting in white text on white

I have some mid-sized applications written in mostly pure Lua but
dependent on IUP, CD, and some modules that I preload in my
replacement for wlua.exe (written before wlua became part of the
standard release for many of the same reasons). I plan to move
those to a DLL for further testing "soon".

I do have some minor concerns about the dependency on the new C
runtime DLL, but I suspect I have to suck it up and actually
install a Visual C newer than VC6, and/or figure out the recipe
for linking from MinGW to the new C runtime ;-)

Ross Berteig                     
Cheshire Engineering Corp.