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We are proud to announce Lua for Windows first public release. Please download and try out the installer for Windows 2000 and above. This is just the beginning so if there are features you want to see please give feedback.


* Simple IDE the has syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and the ability to run Lua programs from the editor. Plus on errors it will take you to the line number when you click.
* Simple installer/uninstaller
* Major components are selectable. With this installer you can install just Lua and nothing else. (In the future we might be able to break the 'Modules' into the specific modules the user actually wants on there system.)
* Registers .lua and .wlua files so they can just be double-clicked on.
* Registers .lua and .wlua files act just like executables. (e.g. script param1 param2 NOT script.lua param1 param2)
* Added the needed paths to the PATH environment variable.
* Smart updating. With this feature there is no need to ever uninstall, if an update needs to first remove an older version the installer is smart enough to do it for you. It asks first, of course.
* Documentation for all modules, including Lua 5.1
* Start Menu items for quick access to useful items

* LuaBiniaries
* LuaFileSystem
* LuaSocket
* LuaLogging
* LuaDoc
* w32 - Wrappers for Win32 API functions & constants
* More as requests come in....
RJP Computing