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On Sat, 29 Mar 2008 12:00:04 -0300 wrote:

> >  I am announcing a new project(that the Powers That Be could add
> >  the the lua user projects list if they feel so inclined ;) using Lua:
> >
> >
> >  == User decription
> >  It is a free anonymous/temporary mail service. Basically this allows
> >  people to use whatever they want without having
> >  to register and then check the mails online. One obvious usage being
> >  registration on sites known for spamming your mail.
> Cool! I've been using something very similar in
> I really like how you use DNS to make direct mailbox access easier.

Thanks :)

I was tinkering with my smtp server and I though, ok what else can I do with
it? And I thought about mailcatch. I amde some research to see if such a thing
existed, I saw mailinator, but it was too fun to do it in lua so I did
anyway :)

I will maybe add some more features, maybe a reply function (and only reply,
not allowing spammers to use me ;> ). Still having fun coding it so, ideas
are welcome :)