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Dear All,

I am an architectural designer and quite a newcomer both in this
mailinglist and into Lua. Nice to see Lua and You.

Even though I have been trying to study hard on Lua, I have been stuck
at the very first stage. Therefore, I am writing this mail in order to
acquire very precious helps from you.

My problem is How to link Lua with LuaCOM within Lua 4.0.

I have been trying to connect vbScript with Lua. In detail, I would
like to link a certain 3d CAD sofware, which is called Rhinoceros,
very famous software and can be scripted with vbScript, with a
environmental performance simulation software, called ECOTECT and
having used Lua4.0, not 5.0 or so, as its scripting language. My
intention is to create a kind of Form Optimisation through generating
Form with 3d application and evaluating its performance with
simulation appli..

As you know, it is possible for vbScript to connect to other
applications such as EXCEL with using set and createobject commands,
unfortunately to find out classes of ECOTECT has been very difficult
for me so far, probably ECOTECT is rather closed software in terms of

Therefore, I guess to link from Lua to vbScript must be rather easy,
since some information regarding Rhinoceros's COM can be seen in the
Internet. And I have learned that Lua can use COM's classes through
LuaCOM in order to connect with other applications.

However, I have never been able to link Lua4.0 with LuaCOM so far. In
case of using Lua5.0, I could understand to use REQUIRE is a solution.
However, unfortunately, ECOTECT can only use Lua4.0, so I could not
find out a solution for this case.

How could I link Lua4.0 with LuaCOM ? Or is there any way to manege to
fulfill my intention?

I would be very happy if you gave me any suggestions and instructions.
Since I am very beginner on Lua and to connect between different
applications, it could be that I post some stupid questions. Even in
that case, if you gave me what way I should go, it would be very
helpful for me.

I am looking forward to seeing your generous helps.

Sincerely yours,

Yukio Minobe