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I doodle a lot with realtime raytracing, and the latest intel compiler beats them all, latest vc is not far from intels but beats gcc (not sure about the very latest ver. though)
That vc6 would outperform the latest just sound very strange.

Duck wrote:
Ah, that's why I still love my mingw/VC++ 6.0 combo ;)
Does one BTW get any performance increase from the lastest MS compilers?

Don't know for Lua itself, but for other things the fact that the latter compilers (including the free ones) can use the SSE and SSE2 instruction sets of current processors, is a major change.

That's only an advantage if you were previously using an MS compiler, though, since gcc has long provided code generation options for specific CPUs and CPU features, e.g.

-mtune={i386,i486,pentium-m,prescott,nocona,athlon64,...etc.} -mmmx -msse -msse2 -msse3

Anyone benchmarked the change (if any) in Lua performance when using -mtune= to target the latest and greatest CPU when one is available?

Or done a VC6 versus VC8 benchmark? (We already have one report of VC9 < VC6.)