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Hi everyone!

I am happy to announce that Kahlua has now reached a fairly stable
state with a couple new features.
For those of you who don't know what Kahlua is, it's virtual machine
that executes Lua bytecode in pure Java. It can be compared to
LuaJava, which does the same thing, but which requires external
libraries. Kahlua in fact only requires a subset of Java, called CLDC
1.1 which is what's installed on most mobile phones today.

What's new:
* More open development - anyone get read access to the google
subversion repository (but I am still uploading stable releases to the
downloads section)
* A far more stable code base, mostly thanks to unit tests and a code
coverage tool (Emma) - there are 28 lua files that each attempt to
test different parts of the VM.
* Implementation of coroutines.
* Some of the more advanced string functions are now in development
(thanks Andre Bogus for that)
* Weak tables are now implemented, with clever usage of Javas weak
references (thanks Andre Bogus for figuring out how to do it)

All feedback is greatly appreciated, whether it's about the source
code, the documentation, bugs you find, features you're missing.

For more details, visit
and take a look at the latest release.