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Mike Pall wrote:
David Given wrote:
I can now fit the entire Prime Mover executable, which is 5000 lines of
Lua, a patched Lua interpreter source and lposix, into under 64kB of
bzipped data. That's not bad...

Impressive. But you may need to ship it with bunzip2 (esp. for
Windows). Or does that number include the code for bunzip2?

Actually, I managed to screw up the numbers. That's the figure for the uncompressed shell script, compressed with *gzip*. When you compress it with bzip, you get 58kB. This is the level of compression you'd get if you were to include the uncompressed pm in a project and that wrap the whole lot up as a tar.gz or tar.bz2.

The uncompressed shell script itself is 178kB, which is way better than the old figure (287kb); there's also an alternative shell script that uses gzip internally, which comes in at 64kB, which naturally compresses less well than the uncompressed version.

Right now I'm targeting only Unix-like systems that can run shell scripts. However, I've made the necessary changes so that now includes Cygwin. pm 0.2 should be out Real Soon Now.

David Given