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(I asked about this a while ago, and there wasn't one, but given the new
interest in Lua metaprogramming I thought it was worth asking again.)

I've got this build tool of which you have heard me speak before, Prime
Mover. It ships a small but reasonably verbose Lua program as part of
its binary. As it makes no sense to ship comments in a binary, I'd
rather like to make this smaller.

With C, I can drastically reduce the size of the source code by using a
cruncher utility: this reads in the C source and emits an equivalent but
smaller source file by removing whitespace, comments, renaming locals to
smaller versions, etc.

Is there a Lua version of such a tool?

It's actually a reasonably simple problem; you just read the source file
into an AST, perform some simple manipulations (renaming locals), and
then you write it out again. If anyone has a Lua reader/writer utility,
it ought to be trivial to adapt it to do this. Does anyone?

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