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On Mon, 2008-03-10 at 11:02 +0800, KHMan wrote:

> For completeness, yet another alternative that is simpler for
> self-contained executables (more popular on Win32) is embedding
> source or binary chunks and compressing it. With UPX, UCL-max is
> about gzip-6, plus new versions of UPX has LZMA, suitable for
> contemporary desktop machines. For the developer, no extra code
> needs to be written.

Indeed - I've tended to luac, and then gzip the program to embed it in
the rest of my application: although gzipping compressed source is
generally smaller still.

Of course, this doesn't help with David's problem; he needs it to be
portable between machines, so executables are out of the question, and
one can't reliably use gzip either, because it might not be installed.