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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
>> With C, I can drastically reduce the size of the source code by using a
>> cruncher utility: this reads in the C source and emits an equivalent but
>> smaller source file by removing whitespace, comments, renaming locals to
>> smaller versions, etc.
> My lstrip does all that, except rename locals; but it's in C.

Unfortunately lstrip isn't suitable for me, but looking it up on Google
led me to LuaSrcDiet, which does pretty much what I want (...except
locals); so thanks anyway.

Runing LuaSrcDiet on pm reduces it down to 58%, which isn't bad.
Unfortunately, once this is bolted on to the Lua interpreter source
itself, this turns into a real reduction of the resulting binary to 95%
- --- which is barely worth measuring.

Local renaming would improve that no end, as I tend to use fairly long
variable names, but I suspect what I really need is a better C cruncher.
It ought to be possible to Huffman encode all symbol names by creative
use of #define. Hmm...

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