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Duck wrote:
>> Unfortunately, I won't be able to come to the workshop, 
>> my company is backing off since they read 
>> <,142429/article.html 
> But this isn't news. And it's no reason to avoid the USA, unless you also 
> avoid entering almost any other country,

Thanks, Duck. I intended to write a quick blurb but let the time slip.
But since the subject is raised again...

There are many things to dislike about my government at the moment, but
the US is still a great place to visit and its government is usually on
the proper side when it comes to rights (getting worse, I'll grant). The
article cited explicitly states that laptop searches are "relatively
rare". Given reasonable cause, I actually *want* my government to search
laptops at the border. It's very rare that I want my government to do
anything! So the only thing I don't like about this policy is the "no
evidence needed" part. That's hogwash, regardless of the ruling of an
appellate court in a particular case.

I live near Dulles International Airport (IAD) in the Washington, DC
area and I would be willing to accept a package at my own address if
that would help. Contact me off the list if you'd like to take me up on
the offer.


Innovative Concepts, Inc. 703-893-2007 x220