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On Jan 31, 2008 4:35 PM, Brandon Van Every <> wrote:
Like I said, my translated alone is 10k LOC.  So
relatively speaking, "yes," small-to-medium.  I will say, I haven't
hand written that 10K loc, I've translated it.  The translator is 5.5K
loc and I've been at it 6 months.  It should also be noted that when I
write code, I don't just make things larger, I seek to make things
smaller also.  So the actual number of loc I've written in 6 months is
higher, you just wouldn't want them all.  Much of this code is a dense
pile of regular expressions.

Brandon Van Every

I use Premake for wxFormBuilder. It is a good sized project with many libraries and dependencies. Ohloh specs say 35.7 LOC ( It really is much simpler to setup and run. It feels very elegant. I think of Premake like a configure replacement. We have many people build our project on Windows, Linux, and MacOSX with out really any complaints. So I also judge how good the tool is, by how easy it is for the end users to build. Really once your build file generator is setup how often is it messed with? Well if the tool makes you change it setup files for every file that is added to a project, that in my opinion sucks. I am not familiar with how CMake allows file additions so I am not bashing it or any build file generator, I am just giving some of my perspective. I did try CMake, at the beginning, when I investigated using such a tool and was not happy with it's complexity and how you had to have files in sub-directories that called out what files to build. I am not sure how accurate this is today, I tried it 2.5 years ago. Anyways, I hope that my ramblings have helped.