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On 31/01/2008, Hakki Dogusan <> wrote:
> I used wxLua's editor in my CairoPad application. I encapsulated editor
> as a Lua module (file is paneeditor.lua). Maybe you'll find some ideas
> there;

Cool man, thanks, I'll look into it!

By the way I've tried Rings now. Nothing appears to happen. I made a
little wrapper file that does:

require("wx"); -- Load wxLua
dofile("editor.wx.lua"); -- Start the editor
wx.wxGetApp():MainLoop(); -- Message pump

That thing works when started from the command line with lua5.1.exe,
but not when run with Rings, as follows:

local lEditorEnv =;

Doesn't seem to do anything, or at least not in my app, and I think
that makes sense... My app has its own message pump, how can it have
another one for the editor? I also tried it without the message pump
in editorwrapper.lua, actually I tried that first because I simply
forgot it at first... but nothing happened then too.

So I don't think this is going to work with Rings. Was worth a shot
though. And rings is worth having in any case :)

I'm open to suggestions :) Meanwhile, I'll check out Hakki's CairoPad
when I can.