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One small complaint/suggestion...

...any chance of getting rid of the dread autoconf stuff?

I see that the new sources #include "config.h", which means that if you are incorporating this package into a deliverable build tree of your own, you are stuck with [a] having an environment in which the builder can run ./configure and [b] stuck with requiring the builder to run ./configure.
(Running ./configure in advance defeats the whole purpose ;-)

This seems a complexity overload for what would otherwise be a single-file library. Surely the needed #defines can simply be guessed in the lbitlib.c file, and overridden by the builder, as required, with -Ds in the makefile (or equivalent)?

Autoconf stuff is generally fine on Linux, OK on Windows but only if you are using MSYS (meaning that MinGW alone is not enough), and a real pain on other platforms (WinCE phones, 16-bit land, and more).

I'd suggest that all lbitlib operations simply should be "softwired" to 32 bits on all platforms (the longest standard CPU-flavoured int within a standard double's 53-bit reach), with the builder repsonsible for re#defining the necessary parts if he or she wants 16 bits, 48 bits, 64 bits (which would need a bigger lua_Number), and whatnot.

It's great to have a simple, standard and effective bitlib but not worth it to introduce autoconf into one's build world...none of the other common libraries I use require it.