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I sent the following email to Mike King in response to his inquiry. I thought the information might be of interest to others as well.




Thank you for your email.

First, let me mention that I've attended both previous workshops and in
each case the attendees have ranged from novices to experts to the Lua
architects (Roberto, Luiz, and Waldemar --- who will be attending this
year as well).

As in the past, we will post all the speakers' slides to the web site
and, like the 2006 workshop, we plan on videoing the talks and putting
them up somewhere.  So you can certainly get the technical content
without attending.  But I think the most valuable thing you get out of
the workshop is the chance to meet people and interact with them between
talks, during the coffee breaks, heading out to dinner afterwards, etc.

The agenda for each day will be short-to-medium talks in the morning and
afternoon with each a roundtable discussion to end each day.  We haven't
decided on the roundtable topics yet.  As for talks, it's still early on
and we've only just started receiving proposals.  However, we do have
the following so far:

   Using Lua to support Audiovisual Composition
   Development of an accessibility tool for visually impaired users
   The internals of wxLua
   The wherigo engine: Lua and geo-computing

As far as that goes, I and other attendees would be interested in
hearing about Lua's applications in designing RF and microwave filters!

Let me know if you have further questions and please give some thought
to presenting!

Best wishes,

Matthew Burke
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
The George Washington University