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I'm glad to annouce luaposix-5.1.2.

Please note that this release breakes the API for dup() and exec()

dup() now takes and returns lua files rather than file descriptors

exec() uses now execv(3) rather than execvp(3).  This means that the
PATH environment variable is no longer used which means that all scripts
currently using exec() without an absolute path will break. If you need
the PATH variable, use the new execp() function.

Added openlog(), syslog() and closelog() functions.

The openlog(ident, [option], [facility]) function differs from the
recently released luasyslog by giving the user possibility to set
"option". The "option" parameter is a string containing one or more of
the chars:
'c' - LOG_CONS
'p' - LOG_PID

It is possible to disable those funcs compile time by setting the
ENABLE_SYSLOG define to 0.

fileno() function was added.

Download from

Anyone volunteer to make a luarock?