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And here is release 0.4.1 of LuaRocks, the system for deployment and
management of Lua modules.

This is a bugfix release, addressing all issues reported since 0.4.
There are a few new features as well:

* Rockspec support for the "unpack" command, making it easier to debug rockspecs
* New configuration-time flags to simplify the specification of the
location of scripts and modules installed by rocks (see "./configure
--help" or "install.bat /?" for details).
* Complete code documentation, which had lagged behind in 0.4, was
brought up-to-date.
* Many assorted bugfixes.

Download links and documentation are available at

Check out the ever-growing repository of currently available rocks at:

Recent additions to the repository include: lua-imlib2, lunit, LuaGL,
lua-tinycdb, coxpcall, config, LuaFAM, LuaSyslog, lpc, LuaDaemon,
LuaDNS, Nancy, ConcurrentLua. Thanks to all contributors!

-- Hisham