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I have forked lposix. First release includes some patches submitted on
this list.

This first release is basicly lposix with a cleaned up Makefile + the
patches found here:

When the promised extened OS library[1] arrives I will most likely
remove the overlapping functions in luaposix. posix specific functions
that does not overlap will still be maintained and added. (e.g dup())

Releases numbered 5.1.x[.y] will work with lua-5.1 series. The 'x' will
add/change features and .y releases will be strict bugfixes (no new

I had planned to add syslog functions and fix dup() to handle lua files
(FILE*) rather than file descriptors (int). Now that luasyslog just
released I will have to re-evaluate that.

Patches are welcome!