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On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 21:01:44 -0800
"Eric Tetz" <> wrote:

> I need to write a web interface to a database, and was considering Lua
> ('cause it's fun ^_^).  A  quick Google turns up Kepler, which judging by
> the website alone seems to be fairly mature. Are there any other mature
> ones? How robust/complete/usable are these compared to something like PHP?

I've created a small PHP-like framework with a WIKI-style markup parser
on top. I disliked (and in my company wasn't allowed to use) PHP, and I
thought writing something of my own in Lua would be more fun anyway:

I have used it for web applications of all sorts (database- and
LDAP-driven appliances, company sites, a telephony system).

I consider it pretty mature at its core, but it surely has some rough
edges and documentation is severely lacking. It features a fast
HTML/Lua bottom-up parser in C and a FastCGI launcher. Feel free to
contact me if you need assistance.

- Timm

Timm S. Mueller <>