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On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 21:01 -0800, Eric Tetz wrote:
> I need to write a web interface to a database, and was considering Lua
> ('cause it's fun ^_^).  A  quick Google turns up Kepler, which judging
> by the website alone seems to be fairly mature. Are there any other
> mature ones? How robust/complete/usable are these compared to
> something like PHP?  
> It's hard to me to evaluate any of them, because I'm not super hip on
> the current state of web application development and don't my expected
> pain threshold should be. The last web development I did was CGI in C
> many years ago; I would imagine frameworks have gotten fairly
> sophisticated since then. 
> Thanks in advance for any tips.

I prefer

Let you embed lua code in your html pages, php style.