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Your writing was a good one, and the quality of macros / syntax mods clearly is of importance.

However, doing all the necessary precautions can be made in many macro systems. In particular, luaSub seems to me syntax and scope aware enough, that it shouldn't be much harder there. Just to make sure, luaSub's mods are made in 100% Lua, not in a "low level language".

I will add a section on the syntax mod API to the manual page.


Fabien kirjoitti 23.1.2008 kello 8:56:

On Jan 22, 2008 2:27 PM, Fabien <> wrote:
If you want to polish a syntax extension to the point where it's as reliable as a native Lua feature, you'll always have to fight some corner cases which require advanced code analysis. So metalua makes it possible to write robust macros, and the price to pay is, quick and dirty hacking without reading the manual is difficult.

I've tried to illustrate that point here:

(It describes how a seemingly trivial catch...with extension is not so trivial after all, if you want to make it usable). I don't pretend that this extension is bulletproof yet, but it already addresses the pitfalls I've thought of, and most of these would have been a complete nightmare to write and maintain in a low level language.

-- Fabien.