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I am pleased to announce the release of pbLua Beta 13y - which
is a replacement firmware for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT that
runs right on the brick. It parses source code files sent to it
via the USB or Bluetooth ports and runs the code.


Lua is a powerful general purpose scripting language that is
very easy to learn, is fully documented on the web, and is used
as the scripting engine in applications like Adobe Lightroom
and World of Warcraft, to name just two,


pbLua has undergone a lot of development in the last few months
and the result is a simple, general purpose way to write
programs for controlling NXT based robots.

This one is pretty much the last of the Beta releases, and
not just becasue I'm running out of letters...

I've added File operations for creating, opening, reading,
writing, as well as loading and running Lua scripts chosen
by the user on the display.

See the pbLua API document for all of the NXT specific functions
that are added on to the base, string, and table libraries in
standard Lua.

I'll be working on adding better documentation and getting
the source code ready for public release in the next few

Special thanks go to Christian Mock who has been busy using
and testing intermediate releases, and who has been very
supportive of the whole process.

Ralph Hempel