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I've updated my patch collection for Lua. I commend these to your attention as they are mostly small patches that unobtrusively improve basic functionality; only one actually changes the language. They should therefore be of interest to those packaging Lua.

The patches are all now updated to Lua 5.1.2, and listed at

To summarise:

  improves signal handling on POSIX systems, so that for example, you don't
  have to press Ctrl-C twice to quit a script blocked on I/O.

  prevents auto-conversion between numbers and strings, which eliminates a
  whole class of bugs. When auto conversion is a good idea (as in parsing
  configuration files or the print function) it can still be done by calling
  the relevant conversion functions.

  Let print print ASCII NULs (character '\0'). This patch was improved by
  someone else (sorry, I don't know who) who made the function used
  configurable in luaconf.h.

  Causes the readline history to be saved to a configurable file.

  Adds a switch -t to the Lua standalone interpreter that forces the default
  values of LUA_INIT, LUA_PATH and LUA_CPATH to be used, making it easier to
  run the interpreter in a controlled manner.


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