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"...If you have variables inside a function which are defined by "local" then ..."
It should be which are NOT defined by "local" ...


Von: im Auftrag von Maysami, Masoud
Gesendet: Di 22.01.2008 11:42
An: Lua list
Betreff: AW: mini debugger

I have already checked Decoda and it doesn't work inside vmware (you are aware of this).
Anyway, my debugger is almost done (it is integrated inside my app).
If you have variables inside a function which are defined by "local" then Lua shows most of them in the get_local as (*temporary) although there is a name for it in the function. From the value you can guess which variable is meant. Maybe these are "up-values". DO you have example code how to retrieve the up-values for a function ?


Von: im Auftrag von Max McGuire
Gesendet: Di 22.01.2008 10:51
An: Lua list
Betreff: Re: mini debugger

On 1/21/08, Maysami, Masoud <> wrote: 

	right now i am working on a mini debugger in "c++".
	I am able to parse the local and global variables.
	My problem is to parse temporary global variable by their name.
	Right now they appear as "(*temporary)", i want to show these variables in my watch window by their name.
	Is there a way to do this ? (thorugh the c-api)

The temporary variables don't have names.  They're used internally and aren't really useful to someone debugging Lua code (unless perhaps you're trying to debug the Lua interpreter).  The up values -- on the other hand -- are pretty useful. 

If you goal is to *have* a Lua debugger rather than to *create* one, I'd be remiss if I failed to point out that we've created one which is available here: 


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