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Not to mention the fact that you'd also have to put down some standards regarding functional and ao programming, otherwise this oo stuff is just fancy talk for people whining about how they miss java and python.. I'd rather have the lua core people spending their time on something more important regardless of which method people choose to use it, and let us trolling lunatics battle it out and see what wins in the end...

Keep the lua core unchained!

Javier Guerra wrote:
On 1/15/08, Grellier, Thierry <> wrote:
Why standard is synonym to poor performance to you? I mean yes standard
is priority one for me. But I would find "foolish" that standard is
implemented the less efficient way. Reasonably fast is hard to determine

if it's standard, i has to be 'all enclosing'.  to get that are two
approaches: bloat and better abstractions.

guess what do most Lua'ists prefer?