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On Jan 14, 2008 3:37 PM, Ivko Stanilov <> wrote:
> Hello all,
>   We've been using Pluto very intensively here at Haemimont Games - to
> persist the whole Lua state of our games with thousands of threads,
> functions and active closures. We had quite a bit of problems and
> crashes, but finally were able to resolve all of them. It was quite a
> long journey and the final patch is about 11K with a lot of changes.
>   I tried to contact the author with the patch more than a week ago,
> but when I got no answer I decided to post the news about the fixed
> Pluto here, so that anyone having problems can see it. If anyone is
> interested in the patch (which is also available split to several
> separate patches with change by change comments), drop me a line
> and I'll send it to you.
>   Is someone in touch with Ben Sunshine-Hill?
>   Any ideas on how to make the fixed version available to everyone?
> Ivko Stanilov,
> Lead programmer at Haemimont Games

Hi Ivko,

I'd be very interested in seeing this. In my view Pluto adds a lot to
Lua, I'm surprised it isn't brought up more frequently. The prospect
of a version that has been tried and tested with thousands of threads
in a real application is compelling. Have you taken any steps to
compact the serialized data it generates, as well?

I contacted Ben at one point - he replied the same day and was clearly
interested in supporting Pluto at the time, but that must have been
over a year ago now. I'm not sure why you can't get a hold of him.
Sorry I can't be more useful in that respect.