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Hello all,

  We've been using Pluto very intensively here at Haemimont Games - to
persist the whole Lua state of our games with thousands of threads,
functions and active closures. We had quite a bit of problems and
crashes, but finally were able to resolve all of them. It was quite a
long journey and the final patch is about 11K with a lot of changes.
  I tried to contact the author with the patch more than a week ago,
but when I got no answer I decided to post the news about the fixed
Pluto here, so that anyone having problems can see it. If anyone is
interested in the patch (which is also available split to several
separate patches with change by change comments), drop me a line
and I'll send it to you.
  Is someone in touch with Ben Sunshine-Hill?
  Any ideas on how to make the fixed version available to everyone?

Ivko Stanilov,
Lead programmer at Haemimont Games