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Does anybody have any recommendations on books for learning 'higher
order programming'?
I've come from a C++ background and now can't imagine how I ever lived
without closures, lexical scoping, first class functions, anonymous
functions, coroutines etc
The Blue PiL is great of course, and the wiki, but they are just
scratching the surface (it's kinda deep I guess).
'Higher Order Perl' by Mark Jason Dominus is a book I'd recommend
(despite the Perl part) - it covers some of the things that all those
language features make possible
(OK they're possible in assembly but you know what I mean) like
memoization, fancy iterators, filters, currying etc etc. It goes a bit
further than the current Lua books.
Even without knowing Perl I can still follow - it's well written.
I'm in the same boat as all the other dullards who find that Lisp
hurts their head - but perhaps I'll have to learn it now I know how
cool all this stuff is... can't expect it all to be translated into
Lua anytime soon. Perhaps thats why I liked this book - the latest
Perl seems like it has some of the needed language features and is
closer to Lua than Lisp (but not as nice!).
It would be fun to see a Lua edition - I bet the code examples would
be much more clear/clean/expressive/whatever.
I wonder how many people are using Lua 'C/Java style' without
realizing the power they've got their hands on?
It's a little like that story of the cave and all the shackled
prisoners looking at shadows. Lua = Daylight.
(or perhaps I'm still in the cave and need to learn Haskell before
seeing the light? ;)