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> At this point, the rockspec format (rules files used by LuaRocks to
> build/install modules) is still evolving, mostly to accomodate the
> needs of various modules: some have Makefiles, some don't, some
> makefiles don't have an "install" rule, some makefiles hardcode
> "-shared" to build libraries (which doesn't work on, e.g., OSX, while
> the actual code usually builds fine), etc. Currently, I'm making
> LuaRocks jump through these hoops, but hopefully over time module
> authors will take LuaRocks into consideration and will write more
> rocks-friendly makefiles (I told you I dream big!).

What about using Premake ( a Lua
based and quite flexible Makefile/autotools replacement.  It can
generate VS projects among other things.  It's compiled as an app but
I bet it could easily be made into a module for distribution with
Rocks and would save you a good chunk of dev time supporting multiple
different methods of making projects.